Tuesday, August 05, 2008

They're Off

I always regretted not doing a major bike trip when I was younger, say 200 miles or more. Okay, that's not major, but I didn't even do that. Tom & friends are off to bike down to Potato Creek to camp for the night then turn around and bike back tomorrow afternoon. I've missed my chance, I think, because my knees ache just thinking about it. I'll stick to hiking.

Spencer & Tom

Brian, Tom, Spencer & Neil, along with my shadow.


Talia Reed said...

I'm surprised I didn't pass them...I've been driving back and forth to Wakarusa and often take Pierece and State Road 4.

Charmi said...

They didn't leave until 7:00, the nuts!

Jesus Moya said...


Charmi said...

They were a bunch of tired puppies when they got home. Tom had a gig last night and said his butt really didn't appreciate the music stool for three hours.

Seems we just took his training wheels off two days ago ;-)