Thursday, November 08, 2007



An abnormal pulse characterized by two beats in rapid succession
followed by
a pause.


Frode Barth-Winslow said...

Oo, I wanna steal your idea Charmi.

I wanna see more "followed by" statements.

Charmi said...

Explicate, please. Or give me an example.

Frode Barth-Winslow said...

Um, like the poem I wrote last night and just posted on my blog because I was so inspired by the idea of doing a found definition followed by a series of repetitive phrases that both expanded on and deepened the definition, but in an unexpected way. I hope that wasn't precisely what you were intending to do with your poem, because that's what I did. ;-)

Seriously though, if that was the direction you were going to go in, I'll take the poem down off my blog. The poem I wrote was part of my writing of late trying to combine musical and poetic forms.

Charmi said...

Okay. I'll check it out in a minute. But it doesn't matter what I intend to do, you just go ahead and do whatever you're doing! Frankly, I just loved the sound of the word and the music in the definition, all by itself.