Monday, November 19, 2007

And Why?

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Thanks, Talia, for the link. And I suppose this means that this blog is totally incomprehensible. I've suspected as much for a very long time.


Rachel said...

So true for you, as well...I guess this just reinforces what we already knew. ;) Where in the hell does Talia get these things, anyway? I wonder how it evaluates it.

Talia Reed said...

Wow, Charmi! 'yer the goodest! I better not post too much on your blog, cuz I might bring down the standard.


Talia Reed said...

Oh, there is a simple way to calculate the reading level, though I don't know the formula. A lot of the English teachers here took a class on reading (for a reading certification). I think Vince may have taken it...maybe he can tell us.

Charmi said...

Rachel is the goodest, too. But we'll still let you play with us ;-)