Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Playing Chopsticks Again and Again

Out in Vancouver, Washington, recycling is the thing. I'm getting one of these in a few days, a fruit basket made out of recycled chopsticks from the farmers' market. Of course my son said, "How gross is that." I'm sure they sanitize the chopsticks. When you're not using the basket it folds into a fan. Here's a couple of links: Chop Stick Art and Cracked Pots. How funny is that? I think I've found my new home.


naoko fujimoto said...

You are the Chopsticker! I cannot do that!!!!!! --Naoko Japanese

Charmi said...

No, I'm not really the chopsticker. My kids are. I play the piano incredibly badly. It was a great relief when they took up music. Now I can listen to good music and I don't have to practice at all! Whew.

Charmi said...

Sometimes when one of my cats jumps on the piano my kids will shout from the other room, Wow, mom, you're sounding a lot better ;-)