Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blue - or Maybe Cerulean

There are days when the temperature is perfect, the sky is blue, etc., etc., etc. Like today, for instance. Who can argue with a day like today? Give it up. The sky is blue. I'm not sure why blue got associated with depression. It can't be because of the sky. I think I could be bleeding to death and happy about it if the sky was blue. Have you ever heard of anyone dying of the ceruleans? No.

The writers' thing was good. I can never hear all the voices I want to, but what can you do? Just being together with everyone infiltrates my skin. I'm porous, it all seeps in. David and Talia have other details on their blogs, if curiosity is killing you. Of course, if curiosity is killing you it means you weren't there and you should have been. Blah, blah, blah.

If it's my fault that you weren't there because I schedule these things during the day, I'm going to try and bend a little. The next one will be in the evening. So there. Maybe by tomorrow I'll decide on a day. The choices seem to be the 24th, 25th, 26th. I will use my trusty dart if no one speaks up.


Talia Reed said...

Is the Howard Park a picnic?

I thought of you today Charmi, when I was driving home from school and looking up at the big blue sky with its big fluffy white clouds...its amazing I didn't rear-end anyone.

Charmi said...

Not a formal picnic. I might bring some cookies or something. I don't want too much work.

It was another beautiful day. I've noticed my driving deteriorates whenever I'm around the writers. I start thinking of other things besides driving, float to some other level, and boom, I'm not paying attention. Writers should probably have higher insurance rates. So far I've escaped anything serious.

R. Sanford said...

I vote for 25th / 26th, as I work Tuesday nights starting at 6.

But if that Tuesday works out best for everyone else, so be it! I've been spoiled a bit by getting to make these meetings at my leisure.