Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Woods

It's still a week before the Keweenaw, but I'm already throwing things in piles so I won't forget them. Extra batteries for the GPS, hiking boots, maps, a box of jelly jars so I can make thimbleberry jam if there are any berries in my super-secret thimbleberry patch that only that one black bear knows about. I'm trying to figure out which books to take. My headboard is getting heavy again. Work has picked up and I haven't been able to read a darn thing except for court transcripts and blogs. Waiting to be read:

The Complete Stories Flannery O'Connor
Already Dead Denis Johnson
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Annie Dillard
I hate to see that evening sun go down William Gay
Legends of the Fall and The Beast God Forgot to Invent Jim Harrison
My Secret Boat Michael Burkard

I obviously don't need to lug all of that, so I think I'll choose two and probably not finish anything. Usually the best stories up north are the ones not written down.
I'm working up my nerve to more fully explore an abandoned cemetery tucked away on the side of this cliff, but we'll see. It's the companion cemetery to the one I love at the bottom of the cliff that's sunk into the muck. Back in the day the Catholics were buried in the lower cemetery and the Protestants in the upper cemetery. I've probably posted this pic before, but it's from the lower Cliff View.


Talia Reed said...

That picture is so neat. Where are you going by the way?

Charmi said...

We'll be up in Keweenaw County, Michigan for a few days. You'll be sick of the pics by the time I'm back. It's the little finger of land that juts out into Lake Superior above Wisconsin, where Gene's family is from.

Talia Reed said...

Oh, neat. I won't be sick of pictures. I mean c'mon...after putting all of you through Hamlet, and then 30 or so I posted of Hadley who am I to say amything? I hope you have fun. I hope you have good weather. I doubt I'll make it to Howard Park this week.

Charmi said...

You won't be there? Really? Dang. That's not cool. You always keep things lively. I think it's going to be a light turnout, but you never know.

No matter what the weather, the Keweenaw will be good. I haven't missed a summer in 25 years. Things looked pretty iffy this summer, but the kids finally whined enough that I said, okay, we're going, whether dad can go or no. Fortunately he's going to be able to meet us up there.