Friday, February 02, 2007

Falling Awake

I’ve been falling awake lately. Maybe it’s winter. Maybe it’s middle age. I don’t know. I just wake up suddenly and completely and there I am. No gradual awakening. I’m there. It feels odd, but what can you do?

The comments I got back on the erotic poetry assignment were amusing. My erotic nature is obviously hidden. A third of the class thought I was writing on death. This would explain a lot of things.

The snowball fight of 2007 is descending upon us. Troops have been called home from college and the far reaches of our own county to do battle tonight. Right on schedule, the toilet on the cold side of the house has frozen up. We’re talking to it nicely, pouring hot water down its drain, asking it to wake up, soon.


Talia said...

My erotic nature is obviously hidden.

After having read "Train Language" I have to disagree...maybe you should make that into a poem, it practically is.

Charmi said...

Ah, see. This is my question, what is the right format to express myself in. David describes "Train Language" as a prose poem. I don't know if it is or isn't. I just know I feel a lot more comfortable writing in that form than I do writing straight poetry. And frankly, I wouldn't know how to begin turning "Train Language" into a poem. Maybe I'm learning something about my nature here. I have trouble saying things in a limited amount of words ;-) My husband would laugh hard at that last statement.

david dodd lee said...

Just consider doing all this writing
in different genres as a kind of
self discovery. I think TL is a
kind of prose poem--lyrical, descriptive, erotic, a tone poem
and tribute to this place you've lived so long. No plot to speak of.
(This idea of plotlessness is as good an indicator as anything for
what might be called "prose poem"
and what "fiction." It's really that simple and/or that blurry in some cases.) You could turn the paragraphs into stanzas, so to speak
(unindented blocks of words in this case). But it's true, TL, whether
prose poem or essay, was written while the writer was in the Zone as they say.

Charmi said...
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Charmi said...

Yes, I like the self discovery nature of it all. I'll think about the poem aspects. It's probably true what I've heard you and others say about writing the same story over and over again in different formats. You've said this about your fiction and your poetry being different ways of saying the same thing. It's intriguing.