Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Picnic at the Lakeshore

Remember the afternoon at the lakeshore

Finding the man on the stairway
Stunned you. Really

Suspended in the hammock listening
To the lake stroking the shore

Blue stones skipping across the surface
Rising, shaking the water from your hair

His hand cupping your fingers. Feeling
the snap of his wrist at just the right moment

Releasing the stones


Jesus said...

Kind of reminds me of your story about the family reunion near the lake/river and the tragic ending.

This poem however gives me a "sunshiney" kind of feeling. . . awww.

Charmi said...

Sunshiney? Really? I'm not sure I want to be sunshiney ;-)

I still can't skip stones like my husband though. He's the bomb. He can get eight skips. I'm happy with three.

Are you going to The Libertine next Thursday night at DW1001? 6-8.

david dodd lee said...

This is very very good

Charmi said...

Maybe reading Gluck is helping my rhythm.