Thursday, January 11, 2007

Icy Ways

At last I’ve discovered what kind of poetry writer I am. Frigid. I am so proud. Perhaps there is a frigid poetry writer’s contest I could enter, make it an event, something.

Anyway, here is the assignment I froze on.

Using the follow phrase and five words, write a 13-line poem. Each line should be 7-11 syllables long. Spend no longer than one minute writing each line. Obey the time limits.

1. Lightly, under sprinting clouds


I’ve sent the assignment to my poetry writing friends. Maybe they can show me how to unthaw, unlock the mystery of my icy ways. In the meantime, write me a poem. Obey the guidelines. Follow the rules.


david dodd lee said...

You'll get it. One instance blocked
does not frigid make. Or something.
Try not worrying about the syllables
(just don't make short, one or two word lines) and it's 13 minutes all together. It doesn't matter how many minutes per line per se, as long as you get all the stuff from the list in in under 13 minutes.

Charmi said...

So you're adamant about this 13-minute thing. Jeez. I'm going to try it with headphones, listening to jazz. On the way home in the car I could think of all sorts of things.

CJ said...

Charm -

Click on

Then - "MLK died with a worn-out death note in his briefcase"

Select "King's Nobel Prize Speech"

The commntator refers to King as a poet - perhaps thinking about him and the work he did will release the frozen part of you.


Jesus said...

Hey Charmi!

Here's my "entry". Thanks for the excersize, I'm outta shape. Poetry ain't my thing, but this helped get the juices flowing-- keep plugging away.

Lightly, under sprinting clouds

We find each other translucent.

Heavily: blades and blades crush and stab

Underneath us. We find ourselves

Hiding in our angles, in the shadows

Of our pleasure. The collar chokes,

Pinches, ebbs, flows, tighter, tighter-

Wooden smells, pine and oak, cherry.

Heavily, under melting clouds

I find myself obsidian.

Lightly: verdant stains burn impressions

On my skin. Pulsing muscle, steady drops

Race the rabbit to its hole.

Charmi said...

Jesus! Good to see you. Glad you liked the exercise. Two things absolutely terrify me. Timers and videocameras. Well, there's probably more than that, but I've only got so much room. We're doing a couple more of these in class on Wednesday. I'll post them Wednesday night and let you have a go again. Too bad you're not in the class.