Friday, February 09, 2007


I swing madly back and forth between two fantasies. The first involves living alone in a cabin in the woods. The second has something to do with owning a restaurant, making killer soup, and listening to people talk all day. In the end I’ll probably end up staying home, not making soup, not listening to stories, not enjoying the woods, just vacuuming dog hair out of the carpet all day. I’m very optimistic about my fantasies. In case it wasn’t apparent, I’ve been cleaning house today.

The English club sponsored a showing of The Libertine last night at IUSB (Johnny Depp, John Malkovich), all about John Wilmot, the Earl of Rochester. And you thought the English were boring. No, no, just misunderstood. Or perhaps the interesting ones all died of syphilis a couple of centuries ago. Interesting people seem to have high mortality rates. I wonder what the next film will be.

If you’re working on the poetry exercise, I hope it is going good for you. Unfortunately, the beginning phrase has me blocked. Oranges and Dramanine remind me of drinking screwdrivers, eating Doritos, and puking all over my husband’s apartment, not the one on Ironwood Road, the other one, the one with the cerulean blue carpet. Yes, the words spark memories, but certainly there are more poetic things. If the exercise uncovers them for you, let me know. There’s one more exercise on the sheet I’ll post in a week or so, after the last one has settled.


Talia said...

I've been thinking about that assignment. It is hard to me to include all of those words and keep it original and intersting, and while I haven't sat down to write it yet, I'm thinking some of the nouns need to be used as adjectives and verbs as nouns. That's what I'm thinking. Maybe I'll get to that today.

Charmi said...
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Charmi said...

See, you're thinking out of the box. That's what I need to do! Thanks for the suggestion.

I took the poetry exerise, revised of course, to a ladies tea I was doing the program for today. Those ladies loved it! They wanted all their poetry read out loud. It was beautiful. I gave them categories and let them choose their own words. Then I gave them a phrase. There were lots of spiders and the color green. I wish it were so easy for me.

Jesus said...

I know you're probably reading a bunch of other things right now but- Checkout Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Drink, Pray, Love. I'd eat soup and hang out with you!!

Jennifer said...

I used to have that fantasy. I could see myself deep in the Maine woods with only snowmobile access. I always pictured an old sage of a woman living on the land peacefully. Now the picture is her poor dead body lying on the floor because of some deranged killer hiding in the woods. TV has ruined so many aspects of my imagination. I hate it, yet sometimes it beckons me.

Charmi said...

Jesus - Thanks for the suggestion. I'll put the soup pot on.

Jennifer - I used to be afraid of the woods and now I've finally outgrown it. Things are working in the opposite direction for me. Unfortunately, it's my husband that imagines horrible things happening to me. Still, I think I'm going to try a once a quarter camping trip all on my own!