Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Breaking the Surface

My rain barrels are overflowing, the water lily leaves breaking the surface, the Koi ravenous. I would like to say enough of the rain, but the mallards beneath the bird feeder are putting on quite a show. Look at these feathers, why dontcha. And the sleeping is amazing!

The forecast for Friday and Saturday calls for sun. Cross your fingers. Not to be overly optimistic, but come Satuday evening Tom will be the exhausted recipient of a Bachelor of Arts in environmental science and comparative religion (and a minor in music, which is where he started and where he'll continue to go.) His equally exhausted gal Mary will be receiving a Bachelor of Arts in environmental science and recreation. National Parks, say hello to Mary.

Now the fun begins. For everyone, I imagine. Up to the surface, out into the world, ravenous, ready for the show.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Tom & Tom's stuff are coming home from college.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

This is Only Something I Heard

I was not there

I never saw none of the incident

I was only 15

{Did you write:}

The fight went outside

It was breaking
Up when I came out with my uncle

{This seems to be putting you right there}

She automatically told me that I was there

That is not true

My brother never thought that he ran over
A woman

Or that a woman would be
In the road at all

This whole situation is just something I heard

{You wrote this yourself}

This is just something

Something I heard

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Parked at the End of the Blue Star Lounge

A white lady with long brown hair,
black trench coat on, glasses

{Did that stand out at the bar at the time}

It wasn’t nothing friendly

Moving, hands moving

It went outside

You know how people be

Can I take a break
Is that possible

I need some time

We proceeded to go outside

{Was it your intent to leave}

Sometimes you stand around and mingle

Everybody gathered around

She was arguing back, pushing

She would get back up
Push back down

Spitting and pulling hair, fighting her

{Did you say a crowd}

She was in the middle

People playing music, lights

Hair swinging
I guess she was trying to hold her own

It was just really messed up

{Were you concerned}

At the time 50/50

{What was she saying}

Fuck you, niggers, bitches

{Do you recall describing it
Like animals on a bone}

I was there, you know, close by

After I saw it
I just decided to go

I left alone

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

{Did You Know The Lady}

(So the idea is this month is a first pass in a field of tall grass. By the end of the month I hope to have some sort of arc to play with.)

She worked at the Rent-To-Own

We heard a lot of noise coming
From the back of the bar
Arguing, then I saw fighting

I noticed her getting slapped
Someone pulled her hair

She hit the floor

My vision was obstructed

{Did you hear the slap}

I saw the slap

{But you don’t know who}

There were lots of people

The lights came on
I proceeded to leave

There was a crowd of people behind her

She came out quickly

I saw him run into the crowd

This was the crowd
That was hitting her

He’s wearing a sweater vest
His shirt is green

{Was she alone}

I’m not sure

{Can you indicate
Who in particular

You saw throwing these hands
That were hitting her}

I can’t

She was on the ground
Someone was

I assumed it was her

I was leaving
I don’t normally get involved in other people’s fights

{Whenever something like this happened
Would you try to get out}


Monday, April 04, 2011

It Was Always Pretty Busy

(More muddling...)

I went right in

I had seen her at the club, but I didn’t know her name

She was white and kind of nice looking

Younger than me

Kind of tipsy, kind of drunk

Looking at the body language

They were arguing

{Did something else happen}

No, nothing else happened

I turned away

{Do you recall:
Bottles thrown
Glass broken
The white female
Knocked to the floor}

It progressed

She kept trying to pick a fight
He kept trying to walk away

I think he kind of pushed her

When the lights came on
Everyone went outside

A big crowd of people

No, I didn’t see a beating

E. and S. were holding her up

They was helping her walk to the car

{Or was she being dragged}

Sunday, April 03, 2011

When The Dancing And Stuff Started

We would lower the lights

There are five windows with
expanded metal and an open sign

The club started to fill up
probably eleven o’clock

It was a good night
People were in good spirits

Up until that point

{Did something change?}

That family, they all kind of
Look alike to me

{You mentioned some pushing and shoving}

We turned the lights on

The parking lot emptied

{You are still inside the bar taking care of business}


When they get out, all out,
We lock the door

They had been behaving themselves
Up until that point

{Did you lock it up and leave?}

I was the last one out

{Did you see any punches?}

I don’t think I saw anybody,
Per se, do anything

{Once you get to the edge of that light
Meaning where the lights stops shining

Is it very difficult to see?}

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Two O'Clock is Closing Time

(I seem to be making an online mess, but maybe something will come of it later. Who knows?)

The questions are only meant as a guide

Did she throw whiskey?
{I saw her throw whiskey out of a glass}

Did the matter simply end?
{I lost sight of her}

Did you go about mingling and socializing?
{I was having a good time}

Did you offer to give her a ride?
{She declined}

Did you see a massive fight out in the parking lot?
{No, I did not}

Did you see anybody getting beaten and stomped?
{Everything seemed fine}

The last time you saw her, she was alive?

Friday, April 01, 2011

Who Will You Call?

Little nervous

She only had about two there
that I actually remember
seeing her drink

Just wanted to go and just hang out

Somebody pounding on my door

I went to the hospital

{Do you need some water?}

They said she was already passed away

A long leather coat, and her rings and her necklace
and her glasses and stuff, and I think jeans

There was some talk
different stories going around

There was a few whites that did go

{How long ago did you move away?}