Saturday, May 23, 2009

Water Maser - Revision

A florid psychosis is gathering steam

Love is a vanity

The House on the Rock

(With her terra cotta windpipes)


He's flushed the gutters

She's feeding the bees

So much for walking

The soles of his feet

The light breaking loam

More luminous now

Than 10,000 suns


I'm in the throes of seasonal-affected exhilaration. Oh, May! Touch me and pollen will fall from my hands. Impatients, snapdragons - potted. The woman at the greenhouse didn't know what nasturtiums were! What???!!! The snap peas are climbing the old ladder I gave them. The hops are trying to invade the garage. More poppies. The oriole cussed me out for walking on the back porch.

And Jojo's walking boot comes off June 19th, the day before her grad party. Very convenient, I think.

All this aside, I will get back to revising those poems. Think rain. In the meantime, go visit Naoko's blog. She is posting some great essays on her master's thesis.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mid May

Happy, happy! I looked out my window this morning and whoa! The poppies are blooming. The pic isn't that great, but I caught a few of them with their jammies still on. May always fills me with joy. The snowball bush also turned its snowballs pure white during the night. For a few weeks I'm going to be in flower heaven. The peonies will be out soon. Sorry, folks. I can't help myself. I am revising the poems. Slowly. Mostly I'm playing in my yard. I was so happy yesterday I even started cleaning the garage. If only May could last a few more months.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I've had a couple three poems accepted. The Dirty Napkin has accepted my poem "A New Mythology" for publication in its seventh issue, due out June 21. And, by the way, they are still accepting submissions until May 15th for that issue. It's a very nice publication and nothing would please me more than to appear there with a friend. So send away! You have until Friday.

Speaking of appearing with friends, I'll be joining Naoko in Passages North with my poems "The Teeth of My Existence Are Buried in the Wall" and "Seney."

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tide Pool

(I'm going to still try for those 30 poem starts I wanted in April, even if it takes me until the end of May, or June...)

They said you would be there

(And you were)

Whale eye clocking

The coastal demise

Where your saltwater
Mouth will be buried

Next to no one

The coral waving

Ashes to acid

The seagulls craning
Their necks side to side

Friday, May 08, 2009


Doc No. 3 and X-ray No. 4 says no surgery for Jojo for now. Come back and see me again in a week. Wear das boot. When your father calls you Captain Ahab, strike him with your crutches. Yay!

Otherwise, it is quiet on the barrow downs.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Jojo Update

So far, she has a boot to stabilize her leg. The fibula fracture is not bad at all; however...

She also tore the major ligament that stabilizes her ankle, which is what caused the fibula to break in the first place. Next stop: foot specialist on Friday, followed most probably by surgery next week and screws to hold her together.

As an added bonus, I took her shopping. She now has a great selection of skirts, since pants are out for quite awhile. What do men do when this happens?


Naoko has had three poems accepted by Passages North! Congrats!

Monday, May 04, 2009


Last week was long. To finish it off, on Friday night Jojo did a flying side kick in martial arts, landed wrong and broke her leg. She said she heard a snapping sound. We're waiting this morning to see the orthopedist. The urgent care place doesn't fix broken legs.

Thankfully we had some nice breaks (hah). We saw John Kennedy later on Friday night performing at The Hearth and Kennedy's Kitchen Saturday night performing at Kate O'Connor's in New Carlisle. And we caught up with the Moyas, too. Awesome.

Sunday was too gorgeous not to be outside. I let the goats come in the backyard and do some goating, which generally consists of eating everything in sight. My job was to stand guard on the back porch with the hose and protect the hops plants and the flowers. Everyone went to bed tired and happy.

I'm hoping to get back into the poetry mode this week. I was really disappointed I didn't complete the month, sort of a mini failure, I guess. "Bad poet, bad." My stamina is poor. Ah, well. Onward. I'll borrow Jojo's crutches and begin to row.