Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I guess it's time to put the storm windows in again.
And maybe trim back the plants.
Gene is putting a new roof on the garage.

This is something called Endura.
Supposed to last a lifetime.
Whose lifetime, I want to know?

I tried to get up on the roof and examine the workmanship, but sometime in the last few years I've developed a fear. I couldn't bring myself to step off the ladder unto the roof. I helped put the roof on the house some 12 years ago, but now I can't do it. I think Gene might be secretly relieved.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Art Beat Poets & Writers

Kelcey Parker, David Dodd Lee, Clayton Michaels

Clayton Michaels

David Dodd Lee

Kelcey Parker

David Dodd Lee, Nancy Botkin, Clayton Michaels

The Art Beat Poster Woman
Naoko Fujimoto Kasza

This is the way we're going to do things, see?

Ken Smith

Nancy Botkin

David Dodd Lee

Clayton Michaels

Kelcey Parker

R. Sanford

Talia Reed

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Weird Woman in the Parking Lot

And where do you write?
I spent Wednesday riding around with Gene, waiting in the car while he did his factory (see above) visits. I brought three books -- which I didn't touch, but couldn't leave the house without -- and the big erasure I'm working on. There is something to be said for the structure of the car. No laptop. No dogs/cats/goats... I received one cell phone call from Tom, reminding me to buy Bela Fleck/Edgar Meyer tickets. Kid calls are always okay. And I erased two pages of text to net two more pages of poetry.
The downfall of the trip was here, however. Truly the site of the finest truffles known to woman. I bought a box of truffles for the California chick and two truffles for Gene and me. My truffle promptly dislodged the temporary cap that is covering the tooth I cracked sampling chocolate chip cookie dough. No, I don't have a problem.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Art Beat

September 26, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Downtown South Bend, IN

IUSB Faculty and Alumni writers (David Dodd Lee, Nancy Botkin, Talia Reed, Kelcey Parker and Clayton Michaels) will sell books and chapbooks at ArtBeat this Saturday, 9/26 in downtown South Bend. They will give short readings between 11:30-12:00 at the Key Bank Plaza, and their booth will be nearby. Look for the Literary Arts Collective.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Rag

Our town.

Potato Creek Trail No. 4 (again)

Potato Creek Bike Trail.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Plugging Away

Terri asked for it -- and she got it. Check out her blog.

This isn't an endorsement, by the way. I haven't had time to check out the book she's promoting. This is more of a, hey, this is what Terri is thinking about. Read away.

The Evil System

The anguish! I have lost my naked follower on Twitter. I thought it was me and my one tweet that drove her away, but no. It seems her account has been suspended. I am sad. It's not every day I have a naked woman following me around. It was certainly a sign of my impending goddess-hood, but for the system! The evil system is keeping my adoring public from following me. I'm enraged. I plan to marshal my goddess powers and protect my followers' rights to forever follow me naked. That is all.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Followers

At some date uncertain in the past, say, a year or so ago, a fellow writer (Hi Mark!) sent me a Twitter invite. Hmm, I said. I am old. I need to engage in activities that will prove my hipness. I should sign up and do the Tweet. So I signed up. And completely forgot about it. And never investigated the ins and outs of Tweeting. I never followed anyone. I never issued the smallest of Tweets. I've heard rumors of my younger friends tweeting, but I have not felt the desire to Tweet or Inter-Tweet with anyone in my soul. Until now.

Just this very week, Twitter has informed me I have two followers. Two people just waiting to hear what I have to say. To hang on my every bird call. Me, Charmi, on Twitter! And I've never laid eyes on them before in my life. Strangers! They just somehow were drawn to me. Smart girls.

Well, I guess, truth be told, I have laid eyes on them now, because they came with pictures. The first is a young woman from St. Louis who is apparently relaxing in a bikini in her pool. Ah, summer weather, I said. That looks fun. Of course a fun girl like that would be interested in what I have to Tweet. I am the queen of fun and full of Twitter! The second woman is also the fun loving type, because in her picture she has no clothes on at all. Ah, summer. Saucy girls. Of course they need me.

And so now, I am motivated. These women are apparently poetic in form and desirous of my greatest poetic thoughts to inspire their every move. I will Tweet my poetry to them and they will be amazed! I think I will begin with that book-long epic I am currently erasing. I just didn't realize Twittering could be such fun.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Friday, September 04, 2009

Shroom Zoom Zoom

I said good-bye to Mary & Tom this morning.
They're all finally off to school.
I think this might be it!
So let us all celebrate with a fungus.
You know the moment everyone left
I headed for the woods...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Another pair of abandoned shoes for my photo collection.
Observed at Lassen Volcanic National Park

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


My good friend Joan (center) is leaving back for Cypress on Friday.
I think we have time for one more Potato Creek hike.
I'm getting a little tired of the poetry of leaving!
Marie (far left) is talking on the phone to Jojo.