Monday, January 31, 2011

The Record Book

A storm's a coming, Ethel! Batten down the hatches and bring in the mail. Stock up on the essentials, milk and coffee beans, and definitely some GREN heat firewood, which is why I'm heading to Shipshewana on this fine freezing morning, to buy recycled wood blocks from the Amish to feed our wood stove. So far this January is No. 2 in the records books for recorded snow, some 53 inches. The winter of '78 beats it hands down, but still... Riding the exercise bike while watching old Cosmos episodes is not quite the same as the freedom of walking through the woods. I must say, though, Carl Sagan was one snappy dresser. And I have to order a Cloud 9 bike seat. My buns never fell asleep like this when I was out in the woods.

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