Monday, January 03, 2011

Christmas Bringing & New Year Taking

I love change, I just hate making it. So it's been about ten years since I've gotten a new computer, new software, all that jazz. I upgraded over Christmas, not to a brand new computer, but something newer, with up-to-date software. I can't find a damn thing. But I like it. It's exciting, in a very low-key, Charmi kind of way. Oh, the buttons and bells and whistles!

Christmas also brought the very hefty, kill-any-intruder Autobiography of Mark Twain Volume 1, which will certainly be a year-long reading endeavor. When Gene is away I'll put Mark Twain at the patriarch place at the table, directly across from the matriarch place, and we'll discuss politics. It will be grand. I wonder what Mr. Twain prefers for dinner.

The new year, of course, will also be taking away, gently, of course, like the Calgon commercial. Gene's headed back to work today, Jo is returning to Humboldt on Wednesday, and Tom will be skipping his first week of WMU by joining the Notre Dame Symphony on Saturday for a musical tour down to New Orleans. Good stuff, all in all.

As for me, my poetry books are waiting impatiently, glaring at me, in fact. It's certainly time.


Anonymous said...

just catching up on the last month or so of your posts. i miss you! happy new year with all its taking. may it also give you many good things too.

Charmi said...

Hey Anonymous? Hi.