Sunday, March 23, 2008


We had a very nice Easter. We cooked and played and listened to music all day. I didn't read a darn thing, but worked a few Sudoku puzzles instead, took a walk, emptied many gallons of sap from our maple trees. We had the first taste of fresh maple syrup on our pancakes this a.m.

However, earlier this week I did enjoy this poem that arrived in the mail. I hope DDL has luck compiling more of Herbert Scott's work.

The Song the Assassin Sings

The knife is a prayer
the flesh answers.

Kneel, an old woman
planting tulips.
I come to bless you.

The isolation
is so beautiful.

To live outside,
to be an alien
in this skin,

to be perfect
beyond your belief.

If there were some other
god I would know him.

By Herbert Scott

Sleeping Woman, Carnegie Mellon Univeristy Press, 2005.


Rachel said...

Wonderful poem. I must read this man's work.

Charmi said...

You'll like the whole book. And yes, you can borrow it.

Rachel said...