Monday, February 18, 2008

Weather Report

Okay, I drank my OJ and took my vitamin C, but there was no escaping the inevitable. I have the flu. So I'm a bit foggy, not quite there, more than my usual not quite there state. While you're waiting for me to return to unfogginess, check out Jennifer, who seems to be having a better time than everyone else I know, in the midst of great fogginess! And Mike, who has more good publication news. Woo-hoo! And now I'm off to take some Theraflu and stumble in the bed.


Talia Reed said...

So sorry. I hope you feel better really soon.

And I really, really hope I don't get it!

Charmi said...

Thanks, Talia. I hope you don't get it, either, but if you don't, I believe you'll be in the minority.

Rachel said...

Lol...that was the first thing I thought, too. I seriously hate the flu.

Jennifer said...

My favorite thing to do is sleep it off. I would sleep 24 hours a day when I was sick. With Amelia, I can't do that. I've noticed a difference in my healing time because of that too. Now instead of two or three days it's a week and a half. And thanks for highlighting my drunkenness. It got better reception than I thought. I almost deleted it the next morning, but something told me not to.

Charmi said...

Yeah, the mom thing changes everything!

But your drunkness had this beautiful ring of sincerity that I enjoyed. I guess that's what I loved.

By the way, I'm heading out to see the Michiana Monologues Sat. night at IUSB. Come on out if you can!