Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stamping of Hooves

Talia is stamping her foot, waiting for a report. What went on out in the field? Wait, wait. That's another story. Where was I? Did someone say something? What went on inside the Bucket? Or outside the Bucket? Really, there is not much to say. We are continuing our quest to take over the world. From the outside. It will either be an insurrection or a resurrection. There were eight of us. We are all sworn to secrecy. A few books were exchanged. The pedigree of the white stallion has been established. We have an outpost on the moon. Margie lives there, with her bastard son who doesn't wear shoes. We all wore black, either for obscurity of mourning. No one was sure. There was some talk of late payments, some talk of dreams. Prostitution on the railroad tracks is not a pretty thing. I would have taken pictures, but that would be absurd.


Rachel said...

Damn it, I hate it when I miss plans to take over the world and then am outside the "sworn to secrecy" circle.

But as long the white stallion's pedigree has been established, I'm not really so worried about the whores on the railroad tracks. Absurdity, however, should be avoided at all costs.

Busstogate said...

No one goes looking to save girls tied to the tracks anymore.

If you know any perpetual victims with rope, please let me knooooooooooow.

Busstogate said...

My last initial is "H" for Hoffman.

Charmi said...

All the girls I know are spies.