Monday, September 10, 2007

Weather Permitting

Astride a jagged black gash,
a gerrymandered line, women vice
in wielding eraser thighs.

Screw the context. The weather bites
fine. Flay pumpkinseed. Dust
cornmeal. Cast your net
on the other side.


Talia Reed said...

Charmi, your poetry is really starting to blossom. Not that your past poems weren't great, but this one and the last one you posted are phenomenal (didn't spell that one right, did I?) Keep going. What is your inspiration?

Charmi said...

Thanks, Talia. Just trying to keep up, that's all. You all keep sprinting ahead of me. I can't bear to be left behind.

Simic and Dumanis came today. I'll try and finish something so I can bring you one on Friday. Which would you prefer?

Talia Reed said...

Either is good. I'll bring Jonathan Johnson and Molly Bendall. I think you'd prefer Johnson. I'm about to embark on MacBeth. I checked out the high school lit textbook from the ERC in Greenlawn--the Teacher's Edition, as I'll need all the help I can get.

Charmi said...

Sounds good. I wish I had time to read Macbeth before Friday, but French is taking up all my time.

Talia Reed said...

Yikes, French. You ought to put some of that into your poetry.

There's always Spark Notes, you know.

Busstogate said...

I like this one as well. More later... Class is about to start!

Charmi said...

And the question become: why?