Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Workshop Update - The Chicory & Whatnot

Good news! There's a lot of interest in workshopping. Poems are being circulated, et cetera. It looks like we're going to have a great time, maybe get some real work done. Thanks to everyone who has already sent something out. If you want to join this group and didn't get an e-mail, drop me a line. I'll fold you in. If you know someone who would like to join us, same deal.

Bad news! The meeting at The Chicory is cancelled for this week. Well, go if you want to, but there probably won't be anyone there. But there might be. Scheduling nightmares. Just do whatever. I'm not your mother.

Good news! Everyone (yes, everyone - well, not Talia, something about a teaching degree) says they will be at The Bucket next Wednesday night. You'll have more time to work on a poem to circulate. No excuses. Yes, I know, I need excuses more than anyone. So The Bucket will be our workshopping launch place.

Uncategorized news! I'm trying to figure out, with everyone's input, the best times and locations for the workshopping. Talia suggested we might try and get a room at IUSB. Jesus suggested the downtown library as a possible location. Help me out here. Let me know what times/days/places work for you.

Okay? I'm sure I've forgotten some important things. Someone will tell me, surely. Or not and we'll all just go around bumping into walls.


Talia Reed said...

First of all, I thought you were my mother. :(

Second of all, I hip to the library thing. Of course this stupid degree (and yes, some of this stuff they're making me do really is stupid!) keeps me at school every night except Tuesday and Friday...and I might be willing to sacrifice such a night at some point for some workshopping. Also, just because I can't be at the Bucket, doesn't mean I won't somehow send my chicken-scratches of everyone's writing along, maybe with Charmi. So keep sending them to me. ZI love reading it.

Talia Reed said...

Rather, "I'm hip." My hips have nothing to do with my lack of typing skills, nor my laziness in not reading before posting...sorry.

Charmi said...

It's hard to tell how hips are connected to typing, but they might be. I have all sorts of typos that make me cringe, and sometimes laugh.

We'll figure out the scheduling. I'd hate to pull you away from your family one more night, but there must be some solution.


Eric said...

bumping into walls like blind pac-men and women. my work schedule is random, but i usually work till 5 (5:30 or 6). the only night that will absolutely not work for me is tuesday at 7 (wouldn't want to miss kelcey's class). we should meet like zombies at 5 a.m. yes? let's go to the library at a decent hour, if not.

Jennifer said...

YOU'RE KIDDING! I'm halfway there at at a friends house and I was just checking to see if I had the times right. I had them wrong, but good thing I checked because IT'S CANCELLED WHEN I FINALLY GET A CHANCE TO GO.

Charmi said...

It does figure. But there will be another day. Schedules were just a little crazy this week.