Thursday, December 21, 2006

Solstice Day Report

So it’s been a weird week and I’ve been drinking too much coffee and eating too many donuts and working too late and trying to shove too much life into too little time. And too many people went on hikes with me and told me how fast to walk and got in the way of my picture taking and said stuff like women don’t really have brains for physics, which annoyed me and made me mention my cousin who is an engineer for Boeing, and a woman, because I couldn’t really give my own brain as an example of how well women get along in physics. This was not my husband who annoyed me by making these grievous errors. It was one of his co-workers, the one who hasn’t had six wives but does seems to want another one, or at least a girlfriend, and can’t figure out why he isn’t really lucky with women. But all that really should be shoved aside because I might be breaking the gender barrier this weekend anyway, even though I can’t figure out physics, by sheer brute strength and the fact that I have a decent pair of black pants, because my second cousin needs another pallbearer for her funeral and we’ve used up all the men we can think of and if I don’t do it they’ll probably have to pay the funeral home to do it which they really can’t afford. No only really knows my second cousin, but it doesn’t matter because she’s family and she has been disabled since she was born something like 20 years ago and things haven’t been too great for her for most of her life, so when she caught pneumonia she just died. And that’s my solstice day report. Tomorrow should be better, since we already have the holiday death out of the way.

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