Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day After

The day after Christmas and The City of Falling Angels and The Lost nudge Denis Johnson on my headboard. I’m sure there’s some hidden meaning behind all of that, but mainly I’m just wondering where to begin. The City of Falling Angels has won the first pick. Venice is wet, inviting, and romantic perhaps. Unfortunately, there are no trees, no wide open spaces, just bridges and canals. They say some people experience claustrophobia visiting there. And the cemetery situation is abhorrent. They bury you on an island where you’re only allowed to stay for ten years, then you’re dug up and sent to the mainland. Really. Unless you’re Ezra Pound. He’s still buried there. Best line in the book so far, “I luxuriate in this world I’ve invented for myself.” Certainly I’ve heard this before.

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