Saturday, August 05, 2006


They’re sequencing some Neanderthal DNA, I understand, to see just how alike and how different we are. The article said Neanderthals never crossed a body of water they couldn’t see across. Does this mean they couldn’t imagine things they couldn’t see, like dry land, or just that they only imagined horrible, catastrophic things that would prevent them from sailing farther than they could see?

These Neanderthals buried their dead. Does that mean they could imagine an afterlife or had a sort of faith? I don’t know. As far as I know, atheists still bury their dead.

I’ve left dry land, continents, at least, behind. I’m settling for islands right now. And a good boat. The world is too schizophrenic to hope for anything more. That’s not always bad. I saw a traffic jam in Shipshewana yesterday. An Amish horse and buggy was holding up a modular home and a long line of cars.

The cicadas are thrumming a drum roll underneath the Indiana heat, not at all like the bugs in the U.P. They’re quiet but vicious. Still, I might trade the drum roll for a cool dip in Lake Superior, even if it costs me some blood.

These islands, they threaten to pull me to pieces. How is one to know where to land?

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