Monday, August 14, 2006

Ancestoral Feet

I wonder about those African feet dragging themselves off the continent 50 or 100,000 years ago. Or maybe they were running. God knows. It just seems that they couldn’t stay.

Those ancestors’ feet, my kin, were they forging ahead, or maybe running away? Did they suffer from a mutant gene that compelled them to explore new worlds, or were their feet shaped so differently that they were forced to leave? Did they miss the soil of the continent slipping through their toes?

Were those feet faster than their hunters or will we find many of them in a pile in the back of some ancient animal cave? Did they ever turn back, only to find the waters rising behind them, blocking their path of return? Would the continent’s soil burn their soles if ever they made their way home again? Would they still call that place home?

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