Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Of Egrets and Cattle

 Sometimes I become so enamored with the trees that I forget about the birds of Humboldt County.
The great egrets (above) are ubiquitous, as are the Stellar's jays, who refuse to pose for a picture, but don't have a problem stealing any food left hanging around.  A flock of maybe a dozen brown pelicans flew not more than ten feet over our heads one day.   We saw cormorants and sandpipers and greater yellow legs and a wood duck we weren't close enough to identify.  This really isn't birding season, but hey.

And look at this:  Cattle with their very own beach to graze on.
When life is, perhaps, challenging, it's good to contemplate these things.

I started reading a book on the fabric of the cosmos this week and fired one of my clients.
I'm not going to say all this is definitely related, but I will say maybe.

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