Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Found Text Tuesday

What Do You Need To Know That For?

We wasn’t living together at the time.

I came home in excruciating pain and crying and vomiting

By the time the ambulance got there I was on the floor

The next thing I know I was in the bathroom on the floor with no clothes on, just throwing up and vomiting.

I had gone, you know, to try to get help for the spider bite.

He said for me to come back in three days so he can cut it out, cut the venom out, the germs out of me.

I had a child support case.

Why do you need to know all this pertaining to this case?

So did you do a background check on me?

I don't go around going to court and I don't go around getting cases to go to court.

I graduated from the university.

A B.S. or a B.A.? I don't remember all that. I'm 50 years old.

I didn't have any benefits.

It started ‑‑ I started having like a little bump on my ‑‑ my butt area. And then it started growing real, real fast, but big. It started feeling like a mountain or something, like a big knot. It just started growing fast.

I seen a spider and I also seen, like, big bugs or ‑‑ laying down, you know, just dead.

I told him I would be there, you know, waiting for him to come on the exact day he told me the spider man was going to come.

The spider man never came and knocked on my door. Never came and knocked on my door.

He had those 99 cents round stickers, the round deodorizer, he had them all outside the apartment building,

There was a foul odor in the apartment that he was covering up. And then you didn't know the odor was there until you moved in. And the odor was loud.

The odor seemed like it was bouncing off the walls.

It was just a foul, bad odor running around there.

I had to kill the spider.

After I got bit by the spider, I jumped up and moved.

He cut the poison out of me.

I went and I got cut two times. Right here in the buttocks. That's what they called it. That's where I was cut.

I didn't have any of that. I didn't have no blocked hair down there. I don't have no hair on my buttocks.

They cut on me and patched me up and sent me home.

They had commercials on TV saying two things you can die from. It says spider bite, spider bite, snake bite, and cigarettes.

The fire department came to $775.

Evidently there was some -- some babies in there somewhere to come back and bite me.

He didn't come knock on my door and that just crushed my whole life.

It was the most miserable time in my life.

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