Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Confessional

Elimae hound dog and I sit
waiting in our Honda behind
a pearl Impala with white
out-of-state plates at the Bank
of America ATM. For amber
waves, etc. The weather is
brilliant and biting. Some
kind of cold. A fine day to go
out and come in again. Elimae
draws on the window with her
hound dog nose. A good three
feet from the banking machine,
a woman leans out of the rear
window of the Impala. She's
up on her knees, fingers flying
over the keypad, pausing, folding
her hands together, closing her
eyes, bowing her head. Then an
eye opens. No luck. She begins
again. Three times before snatching
her card and a stream of paper
away from the machine. After
the Impala pulls away, I inch
forward, as close as I can to the
keypad, punch the buttons slowly,
keep my eyes open, steady my face.
Elimae hound dog watches a van
pull up behind us and bites at her toe.


Jennifer said...

Ironic, two years ago I got a poetry book for Amelia called, "The dog paints pictures on the window with his nose."

Charmi said...


I'll call you tomorrow. I want to know if everything worked out okay with Oliver.

Jennifer said...

hmm, don't remember a call. The stress has made me sick! Oliver's home, but the battle continues with the neighbor.
Turns out since it was in our yard Oliver was cleared. But the neighbor is unhappy and suing.

Charmi said...

Oh, geez! I've been crazy busy. I forgot to call!

I'm glad Oliver's home, sad about your neighbor. Bad neighbors are stressful. To tell you the truth, I would prefer no neighbors, but that's just me.

Good luck with the suit. Hopefully your homeowner's insurance will cover it.