Sunday, May 09, 2010

West Coast Sailing

It's Sunday, I'm in Portland, and the Keranens have survived the past week. Life got better, but weirder & even more stressful. Gene & I are on our way to bring Jo home from her freshman year at Humboldt State. At 7:30 on Thursday evening Tom was hired as a cruise ship musician. This morning, he's on his way to San Diego, freaking out a bit because he's never flown alone or even ridden in a taxi. Today's the day he has to do it all on his own, albeit we're here at the other end of the cell phone. We spent all day Friday tracking down every last thing he needed for a month at sea and finding a house sitter for kitties & goats & a boarding kennel for dogs, which kept our minds turned away from the heartbreaking week. Friday was a long day. Saturday was a little better. Today is starting out not too bad. We have Powell's Bookstore & The Vancouver Farmer's Market on the schedule, but I won't relax until I know Tom's made it to his ship tomorrow morning. If you get to replay parts of your life when you die, I'm marking this week off the watch list.

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