Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vancouver, Portland & Hwy. 101

While Tom was making his way to San Diego on Mother's Day
we cruised the Farmers Market in Vancouver.
I would buy flowers here every week if I could.

Further down the road we stumbled upon the
Evergreen Aviation Museum
which houses Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose.
We were too hurried and too cheap to pay the $20/person admission
but we peered through the glass and got a good view.

On the Evergreen's front lawn.

At Yaquina Head.

In Yachats, across the street from our cabin.

Same as above.

Walking through the woods at Cape Perpetua on Monday.
Tom made it safely to his cruise ship & we're starting to relax.

Anemones in a tide pool in Yachats, across the street from our cabin.

Mussel encrusted rocks at the shore.

Great place for a fort, until the tide comes in!



SarahJane said...

lovely photos. love those elk!

Charmi said...

It was a much needed vacation! I love the elk, too.