Monday, February 15, 2010


My goodness, it's Monday! On Wednesday, I was waiting impatiently to adopt a new dog. Today, I'm happy to report Sylvia, the eight-month-old Weimaraner formerly known as Duchess, has become part of the Keranen Clan, just in time for Valentine's Day. Pictures to come, when she stops moving long enough to be more than a blur! She is a love.

On a slightly higher level in the love category, Gene and I were honored to bear witness to fellow poet Naoko Fujimoto & her now husband Aaron's wedding on Saturday at St. Patrick's church. The whole affair was stunningly beautiful. Yes, I cried when I saw Naoko walking down the aisle. We will all remember that day for a long time with fondness and hope.

The romance this weekend just kept coming. After Naoko's wedding, Tom's girlfriend Mary and I went on a date to watch our guy play with the South Bend Symphony. Well, that is almost true. It's more accurate to say we heard him play with the Symphony. He gave us comp tickets in the balcony, where we could see every single musician except him! He sounded great, though.

Finally, to top off the weekend, Gene, Tom, Mary and I stuffed ourselves at The Original Pancake House before touring Sacred Heart Basilica. Naoko's wedding put us in a Catholic art mood. I hadn't visited Sacred Heart since I was a child in grade school. I only remembered a little girl in a glass case. I always thought she was real! She was still there, but rather wooden to my eyes this time around, her relics boxed up beside her. She slept her wooden sleep surrounded by the art in the basilica, which overwhelmed us. The motions of Catholicism are always fascinating to behold.

Now we're back at it: homework, work-work, dog-work, marriage-work. Maybe some poetry, too.


naoko fujimoto said...

Thank you very much for coming, Charmi :*)

Charmi said...

Gene said you were one of the prettiest bride's he's ever seen.

naoko fujimoto said...

Awwww...thank you. I posted some of your pictures in my blog, so feel free to download them! I will post until the end of February. I also have some pictures in facebook. I was really happy that I had a wedding with closest people :)