Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

Q. Okay. Have you ever been diagnosed with any sexually transmitted diseases?
A. No, I have not, but let me tell you for the record, that I was raped while I was married to my husband. This happened -- it happened at the time that I was -- well, I met one man in particular, but I got raped by three men at the same time and that's what made me decide that I did not want to cheat on my husband anymore.
Q. Did you ever meet with any women that you sought to find via a Craig's List posting?
A. Yes.
Q. Okay. And was the purpose of that meeting to engage in a sexual liaison?
A. In my mind, no, it wasn't. I was curious. Did one ultimately lead to it, yes. I, however, did not do anything immoral. I did not do anything illegal. I did not ever do anything in front of my children. And I've since repented for my sin and I am leading my life as morally as I can possibly be leading it at this time.

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