Friday, December 04, 2009


I have a fascination with abandoned footwear.
So many possibilities.
This shoe was small, child sized.
I found it walking in the Baugo Creek woods.
There was only one.
The child must have been in midstep when he dematerialized.


Calder said...

Nice photo and micro. I saw a website once that was indeed facinating, a guy that would stop and take photos of footware that he saw on the sides of roads, freeways, streets, etc and log the GPS positions posting it all on his blog. I looked for it quickly but couldn't find it, will try again.
Have a nice weekend!

Charmi said...

Thanks, R Jay. I'd love to see that website! North of Kalkaska, MI there's a shoe tree full of thrown shoes. I think I posted a pic once. Have you wandered that way?

Rachel said...

I LOVE abandoned footwear. I always wonder how it happens...where do all of these shoes come from? What's the story there? It's so evocative.

Charmi said...

I know. We should write abandoned shoe poems :-)