Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Weird Woman in the Parking Lot

And where do you write?
I spent Wednesday riding around with Gene, waiting in the car while he did his factory (see above) visits. I brought three books -- which I didn't touch, but couldn't leave the house without -- and the big erasure I'm working on. There is something to be said for the structure of the car. No laptop. No dogs/cats/goats... I received one cell phone call from Tom, reminding me to buy Bela Fleck/Edgar Meyer tickets. Kid calls are always okay. And I erased two pages of text to net two more pages of poetry.
The downfall of the trip was here, however. Truly the site of the finest truffles known to woman. I bought a box of truffles for the California chick and two truffles for Gene and me. My truffle promptly dislodged the temporary cap that is covering the tooth I cracked sampling chocolate chip cookie dough. No, I don't have a problem.

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