Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Rag

Our town.

Potato Creek Trail No. 4 (again)

Potato Creek Bike Trail.


Mark said...

Great pics, Charmi. It's been so long since I was out at Potato Creek. I've never seen a tree fungus quite like that around here--such an odd form of life, but kind of beautiful. It looks like an artist came by and put it there.

I think we should see about convening some kind of FGWC meeting this fall, just need to find an opening... Maybe October?

Oh, and if you want some really interesting reading this autumn, pick up "When The Ass Saw The Angel" by Nick Cave. Disturbing, yes, but the prose is fascinatingly thick and pungent (and of course, musical). I read half of it aloud to myself just because the narrator's voice is so grotesquely entertaining.

Charmi said...

I was thinking of doing an FGWC thing. What time slot works best for you? October would be great.

We held up traffic taking the tree pic. I have to get a fungi book! I want to know what it is.

Thanks for the book rec. I need something non-poetry.