Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fall Air

The house is shaking itself out and I'm starting to find long silent stretches to write in. Last week I found two entire days! This week promises three or four! So I've started a project, a book length erasure that you can see the very beginnings of below. Blogger doesn't cooperate with the formatting issues, so I probably won't be posting more. But rest assurred I'm happy and busy.

In other news:

Once school started Jojo overcame her homesickness and is apparently having the time of her life at Humboldt. She's only calling now for things like money or computer problems...

Tom is back and forth between here and Kalamazoo. He's played enough gigs he had to buy a couple of new suits. As ZZ Top says, "Women go crazy bout a sharp dressed man."

Gene is a traveling fiend, earning all those reward points. He's going to wear his suitcase out.

I hope you're busy and happy, too, in these pockets of fall air.

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