Monday, August 03, 2009


The blog has been somewhat quiet lately, but my body has a charming way of expressing what I refuse to put into words, written or otherwise. So, I'm rereading Brautigan and my back is killing me, as in, I can't bend over killing me. This probably means it's time to take Jojo to California. Almost at least. Brautigan was really an afterthought. A mood setter.

Come September, Gene & I will have both kids in college, near and far. I think I probably talked more about Tom's impending Kalamazoo move than Jojo's California move. Maybe not. However, California is further a way than, say, Kalamazoo. I won't be able to run over to California on a Sunday afternoon and take Jojo out to lunch whenever I want to.

I think it's the waiting that's bothering me. Jojo's bags are packed. We're all ready. Every last item on our checklist has been checked. Now we're just saying good-bye.

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