Monday, June 15, 2009

Side Jobs

Q. Is there anything that you told me before that you know to be incorrect?

A. I was in a rock band, I got my girlfriend pregnant and I quit when, in fact, she was already -- actually she was cheating on her husband with me. That's what happened there.

Q. Is there any other part of your testimony that you feel needs to be corrected?

A. I mean, I've had a myriad of different jobs that weren't woodworking-related, you know, throughout that, you know, that musical band period when I wasn't working as a musician. There was one time where I was a worm farmer, which is one job you don't want -- worse job than a worm farmer, that's a worm rustler, because you have to stoop and they were on the other side. It's a long story.

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