Thursday, June 04, 2009


Lots of life is gathering with literally no time to write. I'm resigned to wait, knowing come fall the house will be empty, the gardens won't need me, and I'll have more time than I know what to do with.

In the meantime:

My grandmother is wrapping up her final couple of days on earth. Years ago when she lived with us, she surreptiously snuck in dozens of flowers into my flower beds. She always was one to finagle her way. She's mostly comatose now, but Jojo visited and played some uke tunes for her last night. Safe passage, Gram.

We finished the firepit for Jojo's grad party last weekend and gave it a test run. I think it's pretty good to go. The grass surrounding it probably won't be growing too well by then, though.

I'm working on a 3000-page double homicide -- good stuff -- along with a ton of other work. I guess the trip to CA will be plenty paid for.

I dreamed of two owls last night, a brown one and a black one, both sitting on the road.

A black squirrel came to our birdfeeder yesterday and a yellow-bellied sapsucker. Unusual day. I've never seen the black squirrel in our neighborhood before. It was a young one with a glossy coat and tinges of red in its tail.

And that's the news.


Talia Reed said...

You're lucky to have had a grandma this long, which makes it harder and better, perhaps. You have my sympathy.

I've switched places with you. Now, I'm writing and reading a little every day, trying to make the best of this glorious time off.

Whenever you get a chance, let's do lunch or breakfast or something. I can get a sitter just about any day, and Hadley would be happy to get rid of me.

Charmi said...

Yes, it seems like I'm on the opposite schedule from all the other writer folk. When I'm stuck in the house I write, when it's gorgeous outside I'm outside.

I can't get together until after Jojo's party, the 20th. We'd love to see you there and there will be plenty of kids for Hadley, too.

naoko fujimoto said...

I am sorry for your loss... I believe that she had a good long life.

Owls in your dream are lucky symbols. You will have fortunate events sometime soon :)

--with love, naoko

Jennifer said...

we lost gramma last year, but knew we were lucky to have her for so long. she outlasted everybody that thought she would go. stubborn, but hopefully at peace when she finally let go.

best wishes for jojo!

and who can say no to more flowers, c'mon?