Friday, June 22, 2007

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California

Picnic was great. I'm sure Talia will post the details, (we learned that Spinal Tap is not a real band and that mulberries taste like trees to first time tasters -- Naoko) so I'm posting this history quiz instead. List the bands. Don't cheat.


Talia Reed said...

I forgot how much the RHCP rock! And come on now Miss Charmi. We learned lots more about than that (brazilian wax, breast feeding, and secret(ish) love affairs). Good times!

Charmi said...

Not to mention how hairy but bald our husbands are, the shape of our breasts... Yes, it was fun.

David Dodd Lee said...

Yep, spinal tap, the first
of many Christopher Guest
(at least in part) projects.

I'm glad it went well--sorry I
couldn't go. Thanks for the kind notes
from you both btw . . .

Charmi said...

Waiting for Guffman is my second favorite. The Osceola Players has a theater director that could have been the model for the director in WFG. Occasionally I do something community related with them and I have to ban all mention of WFG in the house so I can keep a straight face.

Hope you're feeling better.