Friday, June 01, 2007


I don’t want to misspeak.

The humanoid starts out in a normal driving position.

The occupant wants to continue going along at the speed and the trajectory that he was going until he gets redirected somehow by the structures of the vehicle.

The ejection is certainly a process. It's not an instantaneous, you're all the way in and then you're all the way out.

Okay. There's no teleporation that we know of, right?

Right. Moving in this up and out kind of scenario.

Once he separates from the vehicle, he's going to travel in a trajectory that's well defined.

The launch angle that he gets and the initial velocity and then the force – the acceleration due to gravity.

He's going to follow an arc?

He will follow a parabolic trajectory and it will be tangent to the path of travel of the vehicle.

The fact that he was able to observe the ejection certainly suggests that there was a launching going on.

Somewhere between two‑and‑one‑quarter and a two‑and‑a‑half there's a separation between the passenger and the vehicle and he goes on this trajectory.

The door was still there during that time of the roll sequence.

Did you see dicing injuries, injuries consistent with glass, consistent with him leaving through the window portal?

Evidence of a likely partial ejection kind of phenomenon, injuries sort of immediately prior to the complete ejection.

There were some attempts at respiration going on. It doesn't appear that he actually expired inside the vehicle.

His heart was still pumping?

I do not know.

You would expect to see blood somewhere.

There's nothing that I would point to in a photograph and say, look, right there, that's his ribs or something like that.

A body can certainly leave a deformation.

The place where I would expect to see the marks is going to be at the belt line.

His body has an inertia that wants to resist the rolling of this vehicle, and the thing that's going to make him roll with the vehicle and ultimately launch him out is that he's hung up on that belt line area.

He's not restrained, correct?

That's correct.

Okay. So he's up against the door in your opinion, correct?


Talia Reed said...

I like this. Lots of words that I don't know...including the title, but still interesting. I especially like the body traveling in an arc (for your poem, not myself in real life).

Charmi said...

Bio = life

kinematics = relating to pure motion, without reference to force or mass

David Dodd Lee said...

a poem, your own kind of thing,
nothing "poetic" about it (that's a very good thing) just the language and the world
and you getting it all down.