Saturday, June 16, 2007

Looking Around Wondering

The fire at VIM Recycling is about a mile as the crow flies from my abode, so all day and all night we hear sirens and the tanker fire trucks going by. They're filling up at the marina, pulling water from the river. I wonder about the process, if they suck in any fish, if any poor fellows are just swimming along happily and suddenly they're sucked up in a hose and then being grilled over VIM's flames. If fish could talk and tell stories, that would be a story to tell. "We were just swimming along one day down by the marina and suddenly Ed goes missing..."

Birds -- My friend Ms. Robin is standing on the edge of her nest and I'm standing on top of the picnic table, trying to peer in. I can see nothing from my vantage point, but I have my suspicions. If nothing were going on she'd just be sitting there, not standing on the edge of her nest. My neighbors probably wonder why I keep standing on top of the picnic table, among other things.


Talia Reed said...

My mom was telling me about that fire yesterday, then I saw the huge picture on the front page of today's tribune. What a tragedy. All those fire departments. I often wondered how they fill those giant tanks up. I know here at the lake there are various "fire lanes" with No Parking and No Public Access signs, although they go ignored, people put their piers up on them. They don't seem to ever be used for fires.

Charmi said...

Well, this is the biggest fire I've seen around here in my memory. Sometimes the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has huge fires, but we don't have the trees to sustain something like that. I'd like to water my garden, but no go. The fire is sucking Elkhart dry. We get our water from Elkhart because years ago the railyard had spills and dumped tons of fuel on the ground, contaminating our groundwater. The EPA had a big cleanup project over here and we wound up with city water about 13 years ago. I collect rain water in a rain barrel and use it as much as I can for watering plants... But it's been so hot and dry my rain barrel is low. I suppose I need to get a few more.

Talia Reed said...

That is the perk of living in Nowhere. I don't have to pay for my rusty water.