Monday, November 13, 2006

Starved Rock Too

I've been thinking about photos, the near elements, the far elements, how the light and the season affect the scene. It is amazing to me how complex a photo is. I like this one because it is serene. But that is just the surface. The stories that are hidden inside these pictures... Jeez. Just around the bend from where I took this picture a triple murder took place. It happened back in the sixties, but remnants of the story are still floating around, settling in nooks and crannies, polluting the atmosphere. The man who committed the murders is still alive and will be eligible for parole soon. Google Starved Rock murders and you can read about the whole thing. I'll be hiking there again in December, trying to illuminate mysteries and understand things I can't see. Again and again I am reminded that I can never see the whole picture. The scenes are complex and all appearances aside, they aren't perfectly serene.

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