Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Few Complaints

Putting all the pieces together might just take a lifetime. So okay, what else were you planning to do? Fish? Plant a garden? Become a hobo and ride the train?

Thanksgiving report: A success. No dead bodies were found and no one had to go to the hospital this year. It’s good to have realistic expectations.

Good news: Our house is now fully clothed; the last piece of siding was hung on Saturday, again without any injuries.

Better news: Tom got his new bass; he’s set for four years. Jojo starts driver’s ed today.

Best news: I bought a car and ordered a laptop; I sense a small degree of independent movement flowing my way.

But… There is always something to complain about. The Finlander reminded me I don't have to be in such a good mood. Check this out if you don't have enough complaints today: Helsinki Complaints Choir


ginsprich said...

About Thanksgiving, whatever happened to your pay it foward turkey?

Charmi said...

I am still waiting. I picked up the coupon for the turkey, which is good until the end of January. Do you have a hint of where this turkey might find a home? I am willing to cook said turkey if need be.

Ginsprich said...

No hints. I'll keep my eyes open though.