Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Letters to the Queen

Dear Highness

Perhaps you can
help me.  It is

early March and
I am concerned

about a hive of
my bees.  I have

found my queen
in the top box.

She was marked
green.  But I saw

only a few larva,
some brood,

not a solid egg
pattern and so

so many painfully
small drones.

Should I replace
her with someone

younger?  Is she
worn out?  What

should I do?  I was
thinking I could buy

a virgin or a mated
queen.  Will I risk


Worried in the Apiary,

Dear James,

This is an interesting
question.  What you

have is a drone-laying
queen!  Kill her.

The hive needs a virgin
or a fully mated queen.

The Queen

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