Monday, April 01, 2013

Regular Fools

Wild, crazy-ass things are churning at the Keranen abode.    In about a week, I will become the stern-looking woman you see below, tending her bees with all the calm seriousness I can muster.  Bees don't like excitement.  They prefer mellow.  Okay. 

In the meantime, though, I'm engaging in frenzy.   Every day this month you can find me (and 84 other fine poets) at the Pulitzer Remix, each of us posting a poem a day "found" in a Pulitzer prize-winning novel.  You can find me by name or under the book title So Big by Edna Ferber.

Also, under the category of frenzy, the migration season has begun.  Mary will be taking off mid-April to work in Idaho at Craters of the Moon (To the moon, Mary!) and Tom will be leaving five days later to brew beer outside of Denali in Alaska for the summer season at 49th State Brewery.

I plan to take a nap in May.  A long one.


Diane said...

How exciting! Love your bee suit... you look like a Martian.

Charmi said...

The bee suit is so funny! I hope by mid-summer I can ditch it and be one with the bees.