Monday, March 05, 2012

Homestead Day

We established our first annual Homestead Day.

Spencer & Tom (tying up hops in cheesecloth.)
Gene boiling maple sap.

Brittany, Dylan & Felice


Mary sewing up our homegrown hops.

Spencer grinding grain.

Dylan wondering what the hell is going on.

Adding the grain to the maple sap.

So innocent looking.

Now the malt.

Mad scientist.

What have we done?!

Yeast and coffee for the wart.

Daisy Dog says now we wait for six to eight weeks.

Then we'll bottle the Lumberjack Beer.

Stay tuned.


R. Sanford said...

Lovely! :)

Jennifer said...

oh man! That's EXACTLY what I want to be doing with my kids someday! You must be the best mom! Tell me how the beer turns out! I used sorghum in my last nut brown and it is AWESOME!

Charmi said...

Thanks, Jennifer! You will be doing this with your kids before you know it. It was a fun day. I'm looking forward to many more Homestead Days.