Sunday, August 07, 2011

Out Of The Blue

A text from Jo came buzzing.

I saw a dead guy yesterday.


There was a car accident in the park and I happened to be driving on the Avenue (of the Giants) before the ambulance got there. It was a motorcylist. It was pretty bad. His brains were over the road.

What did you do?

I directed traffic for a few minutes until calfire got there. Then I went to a birthday party and ate blackberry pie.

She's come a long way from the girl who wouldn't mow the lawn ever again after running over a bull frog. She is traveling deep into her own life and I wish I could see her face, although I don't know what I'd say.


R. Sanford said...

Wild, wild-unsurprising, though! I see so much of you in Jo. Good on her for keeping her head (seriously, pun wasn't intended here, oy). Not sure I could've touched pie after that, though.

Charmi said...

Very wild. I can't even imagine coming upon something like that. She sent me a picture of a cup of blackberries.