Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine 852

I found this wild Number Dictionary by Bruno Furst in my closet, copyright 1946, 1957. It literally fell into my hands as I was cleaning. I don't know where it came from. We've had a parade of people who have lived with us at various times and they've left caches of stuffs that appear at odd moments. The Number Dictionary was in a box of goods that included some 1960s vintage Cavalier and Rogue men's magazines that I know were in the house when we moved in, some 25 years ago. I don't recall seeing the Number Dictionary before, though.

You could probably make your own number dictionary, but the one I have works like this:

1 = t, d, th
2 = n
3 =m
4 = r
5 = l
6 = j, sh, ch, dg, soft g
7 = k, ck, hard g, hard c, q
8 = f, v, ph
9 = p, b
0 = z, s, soft c

As an example, here's the entry for the number 852:

affluence, avalanche, effluence, Flanders, feline, flank, flannel, flinch, flint, flounce, fluency, philanthropist, valiant, valentine, villian, villainy, violence, violin, voluntary, vulnerable.

Everything you need to make your Valentine poem except the Elmer's glue and scissors. Have fun.

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