Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mathias & Trembling

A few weeks ago I went on a book buying binge, ordering some 20-odd new and used titles, but family life has been so busy I haven't really had time to talk about the treasures I've found. I think now, however, I have a moment to take a poetic turn.

Louise Mathias has a new chap out, Above All Else, the Trembling Resembles a Forest, from Burnside Review Press. The entire chap is wonderful, but I suppose the following is my favorite. So hard to choose!

Sea Crimes

Now listen to me good. To be dreaming
of the cove, the light pink cottage
that was always on the edge. This being the year

my jeans fell from my frame. You said I was close to God
but he wouldn't concur. Weeds

grew up on bales of clean white salt. All summer
everyone wondered

where I lived, watched the carpenter ants on the rocks.
When I wasn't in my body, I was dead. Cops

circled, paraphernalia swirled
inside my lonely purse.

There was nothing to do but wait.
Contraband, will you
turn to silk again? Tilt his white, Atlantic
throat up

to the shy shy-eyed puffins?


Chad Forbregd said...

Great choice!

Charmi said...

Hey Chad! I hope all is well.

Jennifer said...

Have you discovered the Better World Books also? I thought my six was a lot, but you have me at twenty!

Charmi said...

You have two toddlers! Six is fabulous!!!

And yes, I like Better World Books.