Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fujimoto, Schomburg, Octopus & Watts

One thing leads to another. Last year I picked up Scary, No Scary by Zachary Schomburg. Good stuff. It's making the rounds among my writerly friends. I believe Naoko has it now. She's writing some intriguing poems. Check her out.

Schomburg himself is making the rounds. He'll be in Chicago on April 29th, after he stops by South Bend on April 28th. I'm sure it will be worth turning out for. For complete details and other locations, consult his blog, where you will find many interesting things, including:

Octopus Books, where you can plop down $56 and receive a two-year subscription to everything they publish 2009-2010. When I opened my mail box a couple of weeks ago I found a host of books, with C.D. Wright's 40 Watts on the top of the heap. I have an up and down relationship with Wright's work, but this chap is excellent. I now own No. 121 of 200 copies printed. Here's a taste, if you're curious:

Light Bulb Poem

at 4 o'clock I am at the door
with a bare hand of snow
laughing shamelessly
I undo my shirt
we'll pick up at the next chapter
my beloved are the words
of the rambler
if not the words the substance
the snow smeared across my front
warm to the touch
though we remain separated
as if by a chair
and I unwilling to read ahead


Louise Mathias said...

i love the CD Wright chap and as an object it is beautiful too. sorry i will miss the Schaumburg reading, didn't get to see him read at AWP either, thou i'm pretty sure he must've been reading somewhere.

Charmi said...

That's too bad you missed him, but I imagine there was just so much to see/do!

Wright's chap is beautiful! I'm so glad I have one.